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"From our Family's Farm to your Family's table"

Fluid Milks

Stony Creek Dairy's milk lineup includes milk in five gallon, gallon, half gallon, quart, and pint containers. The full line includes Skim milk, 1% milk, 2% milk, Whole milk, and a 1% Swiss Chocolate milk. All of these products are processed on-site to ensure maximum freshness to you, our valued customer. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our products are antibiotic free and produced without the use of any hormones such as rBST/rBGH. Our low temperature Vat Pasteurization method ensures that our milk has a unique, natural, full bodied flavor that will remind many of their days growing up on the farm. 
Stony Creek Dairy Butter

Our butter is slow churned and hand crafted in a salted buttery flavor. With only cream and salt as our ingredients, you know exactly what you are getting

Stony Creek Dairy butter is available in solid one pound blocks. 
Stony Creek Dairy's Heavy Cream

Stony Creek Dairy's heavy cream is available in two different sizes. Our most popular size is quart, or "baby gallon". Heavy cream is also available in our half gallon containers. 

Our heavy cream is a direct byproduct of our fluid milk line. With no added stabilizers or preservatives, we are producing heavy cream in it's purest form. With such a short distance to travel from the cow to the container you can be ensured that our heavy cream will be the freshest on the shelf. 

Stony Creek Dairy is a local company with products produced and delivered by local people for local customers. Let us earn your business and show you what your milk company can do for you. 

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